5 health facts your eye color reveals about you

5 health facts your eye color reveals about you

The diseases your suffer from, The way you deal with pain and even your level of reliability – Recent researches show a link between our eye color and health properties in our body. Find out the differences between dark and light eye color.

Our eyes can teach a lot about us: What we feel or think, do we speak the truth or lie – but also about our health and our chance to get different kind of diseases. On the contrary to common beliefs, There aren’t two different genes – one for blue eyes and one for brown eyes, But 12-13 different genes that determine your eye color and other inner process in our body.

1. The diseases you suffer from

Researches done in the past show that our eye color has a direct connection to diseases such as diabetes, melanoma and vitiligo. Blue eyed people tend to suffer less from vitiligo, A situation where the brown color pigment disappears from certain parts of the body and leave marks that looks “bleached”.
A situation where a person’s eye are different colors, for example one brown and the other blue, might show different diseases like Horner syndrome or Glaucoma Figmantrit. Further more, people who has advanced diabetes might notice their eye color becomes darker.

2. Your personality

Research done in Australia, where 366 participants were checked, revealed that people with bright eyes tend to be much more competitive  and less empathic, friendly and generous than people with dark eyes.
That might sound like an exaggeration, and could require more research to be done, but researchers claim that this has to do with our evolutionary roots: thousands of years ago, our northern-european ancestors thought blue eyed people are more attractive and ideal for mating. That might be why blue eyed people are more competitive today.

3. The way you deal with pain

Some of the scientists claim that your eye color might suggest the pain threshold of your body. A recent study showed that out of 58 women, those with bright eyes tend to experience less pain while giving birth, compared to women with dark eyes.
These women not only experience less physical pain, according to the study, they also experienced less anxiety, depression and negative thoughts.
Other studies show that the color of our eyes can also point out how much can we handle while drinking alcohol. in the past, researches showed that light-eye people can drink larger amounts of alcohol than dark-eyed people.

4. Your genetics

At 2008 scientists discovered that all blue-eyed people share a straight genetic link to the same father, a man that had a genetic mutation 6,000-10,000 years ago. Until that time – all humans had only brown eyes. Mutation that affected the OCA2 gene made a change that “shut-off” the ability to make brown eyes. the genetic change created some kind of ‘switch’ that limits that ability to produce melanin, which leads to blue eyes.
If you have blue eyes, you share the same ancestor with all the blue-eyed people around you.

5. How much can you be trusted

Is it possible that you can trust brown eyed people a lot more than bright-eyed ones? Researchers say that people with brown eyes are significantly more reliable than people with blue eyes. however, the reliability of a person might change by the shape of the face: Even though brown eyed people’s faces were conceived to be more reliable than blue-eyed people, its not just the eye color that tipped the balance towards brown eyes, but some other facial features as well.


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